USC Offers the Only Online Master of Laws

The University of Southern California is making waves yet again by offering the only online Master of Law degree program in the entire nation. If you want the prestige and professionalism of USC but can’t commit to traditional classes and schedules, then you are welcome to explore the possibilities of online courses with USC.

The Prestige of the University of Southern California

When you decide to enroll in the University of Southern California, you are joining the ranks of one of the highest-quality and most esteemed schools in the entire nation. USC has achieved a pivotal spot on the national university rankings, and their USC Online program is the first of its kind to offer a degree program for a Master of Laws. Join the school that is paving the way in law education and scholarly excellence while maintaining one of the best reputations in the country. The University of Southern California also attracts students from foreign countries, creating a diverse student body and giving everyone a more inclusive experience.

A Network of Faculty, Students, and Alumni

Learning with USC Online means that you get one-on-one student attention, with professors giving you the dedication and assistance that you need to make the most of each semester in the Master of Laws program. Moreover, students are encouraged to work together in a USC network that celebrates diversity, collaboration, and excellence, all while upholding the core values of the University. There are thousands of alumni who have graduated from USC, and they are still active with their alma mater. Alumni have been known to help current students and provide extra resources and materials for professors.

Efficiency, Speed, and Success

Did you know that students who enroll in USC Online’s Master of Laws degree program can finish up within as little as three semesters? Yes that’s right, just three semesters! With a timetable like that, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a law degree from such an accredited university like USC? You can obtain that elusive Master’s degree without sacrificing time away from your family and personal obligations. Plus, you will be learning from the prestigious faculty and professors that have helped to make the University of Southern California a top-ranking school nationwide. All you have you do right now is check us out! Just give us a call or visit us online and get started on pursuing your journey to a Master of Law degree.