The Case Against Reading Business Books

Reading Business Books“Money is attracted to speed.”

A saying I’m sure you’ve heard before. But have you really paid much attention to it?

If you haven’t, you really should.

Here’s why:

I used to be the “eternal student”. Reading anything to do with email marketing and copywriting I could get my hands on.

I’ve read Dan Kennedy’s “NO BS Direct Marketing” book countless times. (As well as most of Dan Kennedy’s other “NO BS” books.)

I’ve read all the classics from Caples, Schwartz and Hopkins.

My head was filled with knowledge.


And here’s the kicker…

There are plenty of knowledgable people who are skint. And there are plenty of less knowledgeable people who are making a lot of money. Why is this the case? Because, quite simply, they’re the ones who are “do-ers”… They’re the ones who take ACTION on their ideas.

So one day I thought “screw it”. I’m gonna be a “do-er”.

I haven’t looked back since.

You see, you learn so much more by actually doing something as opposed to reading a book about it.

The learning curve is shortened massively. You learn what works. You learn what doesn’t. If something didn’t work, you can also understand why it didn’t. You can’t get anywhere near the same level of feedback from reading a book.

So here’s what I suggest YOU do, my friend:

Put down the book you’re reading at the minute, until you’ve physically done something that’s gonna grow your business and make you money.

When I say “something”, it really could be anything. For example, you might write a few Facebook ads to try to grow your email list; you might rethink and adapt your whole email marketing strategy; you might write ten emails to send to your email list; you might decide to network with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. It really can be anything as long as it moves your business in the right direction

Though I should say, you of course need to study, too.

Just too many people take it to an extreme. They don’t believe they’re “ready” to implement anything until they’ve read a “trillion” books on the subject.

Whereas really, you should be studying alongside doing something that’s gonna make you money. Not instead of. But until you do at least one thing that’s going to move your business forward, put your book down.

So from this day onwards, tell yourself you’re going to be an action taker…

Tell yourself you’re going to be a “do-er”…

And above all, tell yourself you’re going to be a money-maker…

However, there is ONE thing you definitely should read right away…

It’s a FREE issue of my “Emails on Fire” newsletter (worth a genuine £99/month).

It will show you how to make money almost overnight.