One Question Entrepreneurs Should Always Ask

Question Entrepreneurs Should Always AskGame of Thrones season 6 is over.

It’s gone so fast.

And the last episode was amazing.

(Soooooooooo amazing.)

But it’s now 10 months til the next season.

And that’s a long time to wait.

Now listen:

I really do LOVE the show.

And I could easily lock myself in a dark room for the next 10 months, feeling eternally sorry for myself…

But you know what?

The fact it’s over, I’m seeing it as a positive. Because I’ve decided to now crack on with some new fantasy books to pass the time.

So hopefully I’ll find something else I love just as much.

And this is the mentality YOU as an entrepreneur need to have to do well in business.

One question you should always be asking yourself is:

“What next?”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been successful to date, or if you haven’t.

Always look forward.

Because if you don’t, your competitors will.

And you’ll get left behind.

So you can wave bye-bye to any

Being Your Own Boss & Low-Cost Business Start-Up Ideas

Being Your Own BossIt’s true that with recent recession, the impact on the global economy, and decreasing employment prospects, more and more people are seriously considering self-employment and entrepreneurship as a viable alternative. I can tell you now though, everyone could be a successful entrepreneur, but not everyone is prepared to do what it takes, or has the determination and drive to be an entrepreneur.

This article gives a general overview of what it takes to start your own business, and if you feel that a lack of funds is your biggest hurdle, then this is for you, because it also gives you some great low-cost business ideas. Of course it’s easier if funds are readily available, but funds alone do not determine success, you have to be prepared to take action. This is therefore more specifically for those who don’t have the luxury of much start-up capital, but are prepared to take action.

So, before you get started, ask yourself: ‘Does it only take a great deal of knowledge, money, or connections to start your own business?’ Well, the

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Motivation As An Entrepreneur

Motivation As An EntrepreneurDo you know the one thing you should never rely on as an entrepreneur?



Because your motivation changes faster than David Beckham’s haircut.

Think about it.

Let’s say you watch a “motivational” video…

You’re all pumped up…

You’re gonna be the next Bill Gates…

You’re invincible…

No one’s gonna stop you.

And then…

Two hours later…

You’re on the sofa with a large bowl of ice cream watching Jeremy Kyle.

(Okay, you might not sink that low.)

But you get the point.

Motivation is short term… VERY short term.

And as an entrepreneur, I’m afraid to say you have to play the long game.

So what can you do instead?

Well, have a long term goal… Decide what you want to achieve in ten years time. And I mean, really decide what you want to achieve.

When goal-setting, people tend to set goals they think they want, but it’s not what they actually want. So if you don’t really care about driving the latest Ferrari,

Basic Tips When Starting an Event Planning Business

Event Planning BusinessIs your entrepreneurial spirit kicking in? Do you want to engage yourself in the events planning industry? If you are, then this post is definitely for you. We will give you a quick overview of what you need to consider should you want to make this your serious business.

Know your Target

You might think that being the ‘jack of all trades’ is a good idea when you are starting your own events planning business. While it is important to know a lot of things, it is also vital to have focus. You have to remember that there are different events. We have the celebrations, education, promotions to name a few. Each celebration calls for different planning. You must know which one would be your forte so you can do more research on that, making you stand out from the rest of events planning companies. Engage in a specific niche that you enjoy doing before extending your network to other type of occasions.

Make Your Business Legal

Secure the necessary permits required for your business to be able to release official receipts to your

Why My StartUp Won’t Work

Why My StartUp Won't WorkThe ugly truth is that three out of four startups fail. Try being the one that doesn’t!

“But that won’t be me!” you’re saying to yourself. “My idea is brilliant! Everyone wants my product!”

Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than a great idea to launch a startup and much more to make it a successful one. There are thousands of would-be entrepreneurs out there with brilliant ideas that simply didn’t take because of funding issues, a bad marketing strategy, or any number of other reasons.

Here are seven likely reasons your big idea is currently on a fast track to the startup graveyard.

o My Business Model is borderline pathetic

A great product idea does not make a business model! If you can’t monetize your product while acquiring customers at a reasonable rate, you have no hope of scaling your product or establishing a revenue stream. Unless you are planning to run a charity organization, you’re not going to make it very far.

I get it, business models are boring. It’s a lot more fun to hit the ground